The Paris Diaries | Day 5 Les Catacombes & Montparnasse tower

Today was our final day in Paris, I was so not ready for leaving. We checked out of our room at 12 then got the metro down towards the Catacombes. The queues for Les Catacombes was the longest ones we faced, waiting around an hour and a half waiting to get in. It cost 10 euros to get in, and to get through the Catacombes completely takes around 45 minutes, so you definitely get value for money. 
I was going to include photos from my time in the catacombes but decided against it as I'm sure people probably don't want to see the bones of 6 million people on my blog. I found it really fascinating though and in places the bones were arranged in patterns; hearts, crosses ect. It was quite surreal to think that because they ran out of space to bury people above the ground that they ended up making an underground graveyard. Connor wasn't as big a fan of it as I was - he found it interesting but really weird and morbid. 
The final place we visited on our Paris adventure was Montparnasse Tower. We only visited here because I managed to get our tickets through Tesco Clubcard points, so we didn't actually pay any real money for the tickets. 
The views from up the tower were unreal, you could really see how green Paris was. We just sat here for awhile looking at the view and chilling in the sun before getting the metro to go in search of some souvenirs. Near the metro stop for the Eiffel Tower we found a fairly good shop that we got a few things from, Connor even got a little canvas style print for his mum from here. 
Before going back to the hotel we went into a supermarket for some juice and snacks. We got the Paris Shuttle back to the airport at 6pm, we were there a little early but only by about half an hour or there abouts. I picked up a few things in the airport, some more Macarons from Laduree - couldn't say no to them could I? I also got a bottle of Angelina's hot chocolate from duty free - I'm hoping it tastes even half as good as the hot chocolate from the store. 

I hope to go back to Paris soon as I miss it so much already, hopefully we go back sometime within the next year - I hear Star Wars season is coming to Disneyland Paris soon.... 

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