The Paris Diaries | Part 1 Napoleons Tomb & Eiffel Tower

I've not had a blog post up for about a week now and I'm sorry for that, but all my energy was being put into my trip to Paris! I'd been planning this for months and had been wanting to visit the city for years, I kid you not - it literally has been years! I'm so glad Connor - my vvvvv lovely boyfriend - said he would come with me. Paris wasn't somewhere he thought he wanted to visit, but I think after visiting he was glad he went. We both had so much fun exploring the beautiful city, and I definitely want to visit again soon. 
We arrived into CDG airport around half past one in the afternoon and after getting the Paris Shuttle - I'd highly recommend, it was quick and incredibly good value - to our hotel we unpacked and went out exploring! 
Connor really wanted to visit Napoleons Tomb - so our first stop of the day was to DÔME DES INVALIDES, TOMB OF NAPOLEON I. Our hotel was nearby so we just walked it, the walk wasn't a long one - taking maybe only around 15 minutes, it was incredibly hot though which made the short walk feel so much longer. 
After wandering around the gardens we got our tickets to go into the Dome itself, because Connor and I are both under 24 and members of a EU country we got in for free. This happened a lot while we were away. And those that weren't free they were offered at a lower rate. The DÔME DES INVALIDES was stunning, inside and out! 
Next on the list was to wander over to the Eiffel Tower, we were going to leave going up if the queue was long. Luck was on our side though and we waited no more than 20 minutes to get a ticket and make our way up the tower. 
 The Eiffel Tower was amazing - its spectacular to look at (even more so at night time!) and to go up it was amazing as well! We visited all three floors of the tower, the views from all levels were amazing. The first floor had sections of glass floor and oh man it was freaky! The photo Connor took of me standing on the glass shows how awkward and uneasy I look, it made me feel a bit uneasy looking down and seeing what was below me.
After we went up the Tower we then went to get something to eat - there was a pizza place near by so we got a take away pizza and sat watching the tower light up. It was a great start to our first day in Paris!
So that was our first day in Paris! Day two - which was Disneyland Paris will be the next!

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