The Paris Diaries | Part 4 Sainte Chapelle, Sacre Coeur & Arc De Triomphe

This day was the day we walked the most. Our own fault, we easily could have taken the metro but since it was a nice day and we are cray we walked it. Tiring, sore and sweaty bodies were the result of us walking everywhere this day. 
We did get the metro at the start of the day but it still involved a 10 minute walk to Sainte Chapelle. We missed out on seeing Sainte Chapelle the day before when we went to Norte Dame, but it was nice to come earlier in the day feeling fresh and not feeling rushed. 
Sainte Chapelle was beautiful inside, the newly renovated sainted glass windows were stunning and the way they light up the room was something else entirely. Pictures don't even do it justice. We then went next door and wandered around Conciergerie, both these places were free for Connor and I because of us being from a EU member country and being under 24 years old. Its basically a french castle turned prison, and my oh my it was grand inside. Both places were definitely worth a visit, and both beautiful in their own right. 
Next up on the agenda was a rather long hot walk to Sacré-Cœur, we walked for well over an hour more or less entirely up hill in the blistering heat. The plus side to this was getting to explore the area of Montmartre, which out of all the areas we went through to me seemed to be most authentic, and I'd definitely come stay in that area when we come back. There was just so many patisseries, boulangeries, butchers and cheese stores in the area - much more than I had noticed in other areas - especially in the area we stayed in. We passed by a cute little Patisserie on the way up, after a quick google search I found out it was called Maison Dupuy on Rue Cadet. They had so many pretty desserts, I opted for a lovely raspberry macaron and Connor got a strawberry tart, each cake cost around 3 Euros which I was more than happy to pay. 
It was definitely well worth the money as the macaron was delicious. Definitely the best thing I've ever tasted. Connor loved his tart too but I think mine was by far better. 
Sacré-Cœur was amazing to get up to, only ruined a little by the scam artists that were out in their masses - one man even grabbed Connors wrist to try attach a bit of string to him. After walking through the basilica we decided to pay to go up the Dome, I think it cost around 6 euros each. The views from up the top were amazing and well worth paying extra to go up. Everywhere in Paris that you can go up offers different perspectives making each thing worth going up. 
 After the Sacré-Cœur we took a walk down the Champs Elysees. With my new found love of macarons I was in search of the Laduree store. I bought a coffrete of 6 and an individual larger one. They were amazing and worth every penny spent. They went a bit off before we got back to the apartment but it was only the way they looked, they tasted just as good even if they looked a wee bit off. We then sat at the end of the street looking at the Arc De Triomphe and took some photos before heading off to go up it. 
  Watching the sun go down from on top of the Arc De Triomphe was so lovely, seeing the city go dark and the Eiffel Tower light up was brilliant. It was a great end to the day, and I'd highly recommend doing this too! 
Ending the day with this was definitely the perfect way to end it, I can't think of a better way to have spent the night than this. One last instalment of Paris posts before they conclude.  

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