In Search For The Best Sushi In Glasgow | Cailin's Sushi Bar

I love me some sushi. I think I first tried Japanese food when my love obsession with Japan and Japanese culture was at its peak, at first I didn't try any sushi, but when I did I was hooked. Luckily for me, as I've got older I've found my friends share a similar love of sushi as I do. So myself and my lovely - and bestest - friend Gemma are on the hunt for the best sushi Glasgow has to offer. As I'm a shoddy blogger I forgot my big camera and to take pictures of the outside of the place, but the foods whats important so don't hate me too much! 
 We started our hunt in a place I'd already been before, Cailin's Sushi which is on Argyle Street towards Exhibition Centre. 
When we first arrived I panicked because it looked like they were closed - which they were - but the girls that work there opened up literally as we got there. We had a look at the menu and ordered our food. I got Chicken Katsu Curry, Miso Soup, Crispy Chicken Sushi Rolls, California Sushi Rolls, Vegetable Onigiri and Ramune. My eyes were definitely bigger than my belly, but all that food only cost me around £25! Gemma got some pre made Tuna Nigiri, Chicken Katsu Curry and diet Coke, I think her food came to about £15. 
Apologies for the snapchat band, I thought I saved this picture before changing it on snapchat, clearly I was wrong.

Onto the overall thoughts!

Overall Quality of Food - 10 10
Both Gemma and I thought the quality of the food was really high, the way the food was presented too was nice. The bento boxes made for a nice change to the usual massive bowl of Katsu Curry. 
Variety of food 9 8
I thought the variety of food was great so I gave it a 9, Gemma too thought the variety was good but gave it a 8 - I think there was maybe something missing from the menu that she might have liked to have seen.  

Atmosphere & service 6 6
We both gave a 6 for the atmosphere & service. Service from staff was quick, but its basically where the service ends. You pay, then they give you the food. If your looking for somewhere where they ask how you like your food then this isn't the place for you. The store is fairly small with just two longish tables and a bench if your waiting on your takeout order. Decoration wise theres not much going on, and although its not a bad atmosphere, its pretty basic hence it scoring low - also the door was left open and it was a little chilly, so that put us off giving a higher score too.

 Value for money 8 7
We both scored quite highly for this, Gemma gave it a score of 7 and I a score of 8.

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