Purple Shampoo Trialling

In June I decided to lighten my hair and go down the path in search of ashy blonde hair - with thoughts of going silver when I got bored of blonde. I've still not reached the level of blonde/ash that I want, so a couple more times going lighter in hopes of removing the brassy tones aiming for more white tones. 
I've tried really hard to keep my blonde hair looking as light as possible through multiple purple shampoos that claim to remove brassy tones and even lighten blonde hair. So far I've tried three different types: Bleach London's Silver Shampoo and Conditioner; PROVOKE Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo; and Daddy O Shampoo from Lush. 
The Bleach London one was the one I tried first. My hair dresser recommended it to me - I'm hoping to soon get the Toning Kit too. The Silver shampoo and conditioner though are seriously good, and for £5 for 250ml its pretty good value too! The bottle I found lasted me a good few weeks, it says to use it every other wash - but I think I used it almost every wash in search of lighter hair. I found it toned and lightened my hair really well, and due to this it got me thinking how other brands would fair in comparison. 
The Bleach London Silver shampoo didn't feel drying on my hair, which I've heard some purple shampoos can do, in fact I found it quite nourishing on my hair. The conditioner was just as nice, leaving my hair feeling super soft after washing - although I'm not sure how much difference this did on the lightness of my hair. 
After my Bleach London Silver shampoo ran out I decided to try the PROVOKE Touch of Silver Shampoo, it was in Morrisons and having looked at it decided to give it a go. Its £3.19 for 150ml of product, making it a little more pricey, especially as the shampoo itself is very runny making it hard to work with - I've probably lost a lot of the product just in trying to wash my hair. Its meant to be used more as a treatment and left on the hair for 5 minutes, I'll apply it and then wash my face brush my teeth ect. I honestly don't like this one very much at all, and for various reasons. Reason number 1. I find the consistency to be too runny. It basically seems like purple water and because of this I find I have to use a lot to cover my hair, and I tend to lose a lot to the bath while trying to apply it. Reason number 2. I honestly don't think it has helped to lighten my hair. At All. At least not compared to the Bleach London Silver Shampoo, my hair is definitely more brassy than it had been before I started using the PROVOKE shampoo. It also doesn't leave my hair as soft feeling as the Bleach London one did. Which brings me to reason number 3. I don't think its good value for money, if it helped the colour a little then maybe I'd think it was worth paying for, but the fact that I've paid £3.19 for a tiny bottle of purple liquid with no benefits. 
The final one I've tried is Lush's Daddy O Shampoo. I don't know if I saw this on someones blog first, or if the first time I saw it was when I was wandering round Lush the day I bought it, either way - its mine now. It says it stops blonde hair going brassy, and keeps the hair looking bright and shiny. This is by far the most expensive option that I've featured, at £5.75 for 100g, Lush is ofc all natural and vegan so its expected to be a little pricier. 
It's probably got the best consistency of the three, its fairly thick and a bit gel like. Scent wise, I also find it to be the nicest. It smells really sweet, a bit like parma violets - in fact the scent hung around so much that while drying my hair I caught whiffs of the smell, it was amazing. 
It removes brassy tones from the hair the best out of the three I think, however it is also the most expensive of the three, costing around £4.50 for a small 100g bottle. After using this a few times my hair was slightly lighter, and now my hair is newly dyed I'm excited to see how much more it can lighten it. 
Thats it for todays post, have you tried any purple shampoos? What do you think of them? 

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