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I wasn't planning on doing any Christmas Wishlist type posts but I've had a sudden wave of inspiration on gifts for different types of people, this one being for the traveller in your life. 
The first thing I think every traveller would love is a nice passport cover - the ones I've picked out are entirely aimed at girls - sorry lads, Ted Baker do some lovely more manly ones though! If your budget isn't tight this Ted Baker Travel Organiser, £70, would make a lovely gift! I honestly wish I'd had something like this to keep all my stuff together whilst on holiday, this one will hold much more than just your passport. Now I know you can get things like these for muuuch cheaper, but they tend to be quite basic and most commonly black. So for a nice more fashionable alternative this is lovely. If this is too out your budget I've a couple of alternatives: Ted Baker Travel Document Holder, £40; Ted Baker Luggage Tag and Passport Set, £28 & Ban Do I'm Outta Here Passport Holder, £20. All of these are lovely options that work out to be a little more affordable than the first option I showed, the Ted Baker Tag and Holder set would be lovely as it offers both a tag and a cover for your passport if your looking to get someone a travel related gift. 
Now for a lightly cheaper option but still so handy, Packing Cubes £26.99. This is a set of seven packing solutions. Three cubes, three pouches and 1 shoe holder. I'm pretty sure the 3 pouches have been set as being laundry bags, but you could use them for whatever you wanted, they'd make pretty good toiletry bags if you needed one. 
I also decided to include a nice bag in this. Now, your probably looking at that and thinking whats so good about a satchel? Well, I'll tell you. This isn't any ordinary satchel, this is a camera bag. This one I've shown is the Feather Touch Leather Camera Bag £79 (Amazon says its over £200 full price...). This is a pretty pricey option but it is visually appealing and seems like it would be pretty secure as its got buckles rather than poppers like these two cheaper options that you can find here and here. Those ones aren't nearly as nice looking as the first, and not as secure. If the style of it isnt a huge issue to you but security is I have one that I love, all be it I do wish that it looked a bit more stylish, but it does the job and you'd never know I was carrying around my lenses and much more in it. This is the one that I own, its so handy, its waterproof, has a zip to keep it closed and clips. Theres also zip pockets inside and on the back to store extra things - for me that was passports and spare batteries and memory cards. 

Time for some techy type present ideas. The Yarrashop 3 in 1 Phone Lens, £6.99, or one like this, I think would make an awesome gift idea as its only small so you could easily take it anywhere with you, and it could widely improve the quality of your photos especially if you're only taking your phone with you. I always take my DSLR but I'd love something like this for my iPhone as it offers more choice for your photos. Its so cheap as well that it would make the perfect stocking filler. 
Oh god, how I've wanted a Fujifilm Instax Mini £60-100, I've wanted one for near enough a year now but they're pretty pricey and it's another bit of tech I'd need to carry around with me. I'm going to London in January so I might get one and take it with me to see how I get on. I love seeing peoples pictures that they've had taken with these, it makes for nice little momentos, definitely a nicer and more unique way of having a physical print.  
I've got something very similar to a Gorillapod, £20, and I think its super handy to have a portable tripod with you. I've yet to use mine when abroad, but its more due to me being terrified of someone running off with my camera when I try to take a photo. One day I'll be bold enough to try it... One day. Gorillapods are hella handy for taking on the go with you as they can stand on near enough anything, from uneven surfaces to branches, you can put it where ever. If you're after a slightly cheaper alternative to the GorillaPod then the Rollei Monkey Flexible Tripod, £9.99, could be the one for you. Its half the price and I imagine it would do near enough the same job. 

The Luckies Of London Scratch Map, £9.99, would make an amazing stocking filler. I love mine, although I wish I could find a frame to fit it as I think it would look so much nicer if it was actually lying flat on the wall. Its a lovely way of showing where you've been, I've only a few places scratched off but I plan on taking more places off. 
If you're after something a little more personal then the Personalised Travel Tags Print, £30, is what your needing. You personalise this for all the places you've been so basically everyones would be different. Once I've been to a few more places with Connor I'd definitely consider getting us one of these. This type of thing would look so nice in a shared flat. I'd probably put it in my study room though until we move out. 
Oh The Places You'll Go Print, £11.52, unfortunately this print is hella expensive to ship to the UK, basically doubling the cost of the item. But it is a pretty print and I wanted to include it. Other alternatives to it are: Digital Download "Oh The Places You'll Go" Print, £2.47 and Wanderlust & Citydust Digital Download, £6.60. These are both digital downloads so you still need to print it off yourself, they make for good options as once you own the copy you can have it printed to whatever size and as many times as you like. 
Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2017 £6.99. What better way of filling your urge to travel than with page after page of the top places to travel to in 2017? I've seen the top 10 and its made me want to go to Finland now more than before knowing its in the top 10!
World of Wanderlust Book £22.11. Brooke is living the life. Her Instagram is goals. When I heard she was bringing out a book I was so excited, I've been waiting for ages to hear when it came out and was so glad that even with shipping from Australia the book is very well priced! Its definitely on my Christmas list and it would be greatly received by anyone you know that loves to travel. 
And So The Adventure Begins Scrapbook £16 What better way to remember all the times you've spent away than with a scrapbook? Paperchase do the nicest ones and my previous one from them is just about full. So its time to ask Santa for a new one to house all my new experiences in. 

Thats all the gifts that I think would be great for those who love to travel, I tried to make it a more or less affordable set of gifts. I'd honestly love a small laptop for travelling or a really good pair of noise cancelling headphones but they are just so expensive so I couldn't justify adding them in here. 
Hope this guide has been at least a little helpful! See you in the next one. 

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