Best Make-up of 2016

2016 was a good year for me. One of the best I've had in a while and I'll actually be sad to see it go. Might be the minority of people that think that but hay ho. 2016 saw me buying a car and passing my driving test, finally getting into 3rd year of uni, getting a new job which I love and seeing so many amazing and new places. I made quite a few great beauty purchases too and cut back on bulk buying by a huuuuge amount - at least compared to how much makeup I bought in 2015 anyway. This did mean that my purchases were all things that I liked, but this post is for all the things I love!
Compared to 2015, I wore sooo much more perfume in 2016. I made a few new fragrance purchases and I love the scents I got. The fragrance I've been loving most though throughout the majority of the year is YSL Black Opium. Everything about this perfume is amazing, the bottle is sheer perfection and the scent, oh wow. Its so sophisticated and such a grown up scent. I always get compliments on it when I wear it, its odd to be told you smell nice but its also so good to know that other are able to smell it and that it smells as good to others as it does to you. 
My next favourite is the Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Palette. I got this a matter of weeks before it was released in the UK, I waited a long time to get my mittens on it and I was so chuffed when I finally got to use it. I've not used all the shades in the palette, cause frankly I'm too pale for some of the contour shades but the lightest shade is the perfect match for my skin - in terms of the ideal contour shade... The highlight shades are so good to, I've played around with the first and middle shades and they give a really nice soft subtle glow. The shades blend brilliantly, and so far I've had no muddy faced disasters. 
Another favourite from Kat Von D is her Tattoo Liner. The one I have is only a sample, but I'm absolutely certain that the full sized version will be getting bought very soon. At this point I'd hate for it to run out, because its genuinely the best liner I've tried. I used to be so big on the gel pen type but this felt tip one is life. It gives the blackest of lines and you can control the line so so so well. Because the nib is so thin, its also super easy to control the thickness and get a super thin line towards the inner eye. I'm really fussy with eye liners, and this one gets all the thumbs up from me. 
Highlighter wise, discovering Hidden Cosmetics was game changing for me. Their products are amazing, and the glow you get from these highlighters is amazing. I find the best way to apply them is with the Zoeva Luxe Highlighting brush, which is another firm favourite for my makeup loves. The brush just blends everything out ridding harsh glowing edges for a more dimmed glow look.
I was gonna try force a few more favourites, but the only other things I could think of are things that I got right before Christmas, so didn't think it was fair - cause really they haven't been tried and tested enough. The Huda Beauty palette almost made the cut but that'll have its own post v soon. So these 5 products have been absolute must haves for me in 2016, god bless them and I'll not be without them in 2017!

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