Illamasqua Sales Haul

I restrained myself pretty well on the Illamasqua site, but still wanted to share my sales buys with you. Cause who doesn't love a bargain? I only bought two things, but one of the two was a gift set so there's a few more in that one thing, ya get me? 
So the first thing I bought was the Eye Shadow Palette in the shade Demise. This little quad has some really pretty looking shades - there's a white, a grey toned black, a lovely rich purplely pink shade and a creamy gold pink looking shade. I'm really looking forward to trying out these shades, I've already got a palette from Illamasqua so know they blend pretty well, it'll be fun to see what kind of looks I can make from this. For only £10.20 its an absolute steal! 
The only other thing I bought was the Extinct set. The Extinct set contains everything you could need to make a beautiful eye look. Everything in the set is full sized - its nice to for once have a makeup gift set that's not full of minis!  The set has one of their mascaras, the precision gel liner in Infinity, a liner brush and a tube of Broken Gold. I've wanted to get my hands on Broken Gold for ages, but it seemed to always be sold out, and now the only way to get it was in this set. I'm really glad I decided to get the set, the value for money is amazing - all these items for £20 is an absolute bargain, unfortunately its sold out online now, but they still have so many amazing items left! 
I'm hoping 2017 will be a year of more cautious spending, so heres hoping I use what I buy and not just buy for the hype. I'll definitely be reviewing the Broken Gold at least at some point, I only wish it was still party season.

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