Travel Plans for 2017

2016 was my first proper year of travel, I'd only ever been abroad once before and that was to Bulgaria in 2015 - going there just fuelled my want, nay need for travel. 2016 was a good year for travelling, but I'm hoping for even greater things for 2017! 
So far this year I've already visited London, and I'll definitely be returning again soon! My plans for travel are so far looking to be amazing! I've nothing planned with the boyfriend yet but I've at least two solid-ish looking holidays with my friends coming into place. So onto the travel plans! 
In May I'm hoping to meet up with my lovely friend Aileen, and even if it only ends up us exploring London and Brighton then it'll still be a great time! We have however spoke about going to Barcelona and I'm really really hoping this falls into place because it would be so cool to go exploring with her. 
Another idea for travel that has been thrown around is New York, I'd adore to go to New York so so much, and if we can get a good deal then, Gemma (who has already been to the big apple and went to London with me) and I will be hoping over the pond late May/ early June. 
Late June/ Mid July would most likely be when Connor and I go on holiday, we've looked at a couple of places but just waiting on funds and what not before we book. 
Gemma has also suggested going somewhere at the end of summer, somewhere sunny, so far Lisbon and Santorini have been thrown around. It would be cool if we got to go all the places we planned on going, we'll have to wait and see if they pan out though. 
I definitely want to go somewhere for a long weekend just before I go back to university for fourth year. I'm hoping for Venice, just gotta try convince Connor to go and be all romantic with me. When we went to Rome, I adored every second of it and I'd love to visit Venice this year too, everything about Venice just seems perfect. 
I loved Disneyland Paris when I visited last year, and I desperately want to go back for Christmas this year! I just think it would be like 1000x more magical when everything's lit up for Christmas. If Disneyland turned out to be way too expensive for me to afford, I'd still like to go somewhere for the Christmas markets. 

Looking at how many places I've talked about this is all now seeming a bit impossible! But travel is one of the things I love the most, if I was able to do all of these then I'd legit be the happiest little bunny.  
Do you have any travel plans for this year? Have you been to any of the places I've mentioned before, what did you like about them?

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