A Few Bits From London

After a day of sightseeing, my friend Gemma and I walked ourselves down to Oxford Street for a bit of retail therapy! 
Our first stop was to Selfridges, and I was genuinely like a little kid in a candy shop. I restrained myself so so so much and only got a few things - and only got a few things that we can't get easy access to in Glasgow. One of the first things I noticed was a bunch of skin care by Tonymoly. I've seen them online before but always decided against them as I'd not seen them in person before. I decided on a couple of TonyMoly products, the first one I decided on was the Egg Pore Nose Pack Package. I love a good pore strip - if they work then its a massive plus, the ones I last used did absolutely nothing and left me with such a red nose, I could have given Rudolf a run for his money! I've yet to use them, so I'll report back when I do get around to trying them out. Theres 7 in the pack, and they cost £6. Along with the pore strips I also got myself the TonyMoly Blackhead Steam Balm. This I have used, and I'm really impressed with it so far. You apply the product on your face, I just put it on the overly blackheady bits of my face leave it for a couple of minutes, then you just massage it in for a bit and when it turns into a white lather you just wash it off. It left my skin feeling hella soft and hella smooth. Your only meant to use this once or twice a week, I've so far used it two days in a row and I honestly feel like the darkest of the blackheads are gone. Trying just that one TonyMoly product has left me wanting to try so much more from TonyMoly and come payday I'm sure I'll be adding a few more products to my collection. The last thing I bought from Selfridges is a Zoeva Brush. I got the eye shadow brush 221 Luxe Soft Crease, I'm pretty sure I don't already have this one, and I absolutely adore my Zoeva eye brushes. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if I owned all their eye brushes by the end of the year.  
After leaving Selfridges, we went a wander down the street and wound up in Pandora. Gemma wanted to to get herself a London related charm, and I honestly didn't go in with plans of buying anything. On the little tray the guy showed Gemma there was such a lovely little travel related charm and I couldn't help myself. The newest addition to my bracelet is this lovely little world charm with the words "All Around the World" written on it, and a little gem in it too. It was £35, which I thought was a great price as I thought it might end up being more expensive! Trying to picture this was so bloody hard, so theres a link to it here if your interested. 
Moving on from Pandora we wandered in and out of stores, and then I saw the mothership. The Disney Store. The Oxford Street Disney Store is flipping huge! The upstairs section looked bigger than the whole of the Glasgow store! The Disney Store had some of the country related new releases, and y'know I just had to buy the little London Tsum Tsum set. I'm not sure if I'll take them out the little box they came in, if I do though I'll definitely keep the box. They were £10, which is maybe a bit expensive but they are cute and a nice wee souvenir. 
The last thing we did on our lovely shopping day was to go on a hunt for Laduree Macarons. I ADORE THESE. Gemma got a bunch of Hotel Chocolat things, shes chocolate mad, I saved myself for my beautiful macarons. We walked past this store twice, we must have been so tired cause once we found it we were sooo confused as to how we missed it. I bought a box of 12 and got a fair mix of flavours: Morello Cherry; Lemon; Chocolate; Rose Petal; Orange Blossom; Vanilla; Salted Caramel and Pistachio. I love me some Laduree Macarons, if only Glasgow had a store. 
Whats your favourite thing from this little haul? Have you tried any TonyMoly products, what ones do you recommend I buy next?  

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