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Recently I came back from my first visit to the Capital, and I can say for sure I'll definitely be returning again this year! London was brilliant, and I think visiting somewhere where everyones first language was English made it so much easier. Don't get me wrong, I love travelling to places further a field - but not being able to speak much of any language (English sometimes included) makes it a little more difficult. London was just so effortless and I walked everywhere, its such an easily walked city, next time I'll use the Tube so I can spend full days exploring areas in and around London, but that for another time. Lets get onto the pictures of what I saw whilst in London! 
When we arrived to our hotel - the Premier Inn near the London Eye - we were too early for check in, so we dumped our bags and went exploring! We saw Big Ben and Parliament for the first time, and then we walked down the Thames towards the Tower of London. We made a detour and passed into see St Pauls Cathedral, but unfortunately couldn't get into visit as it closed to visitors at 11? 
We still spent time in the area though, undeterred, and walked through the gardens before heading on wards! Walking further down the river we found another little cathedral - this one was open and decided may as well go in for a bit. It was right next to the Borough Market, lucky for my tummy! I'd seen these crazy good looking doughnuts on instagram and when I found the stall I couldn't help myself. I got a hazelnut stuffed one and oh lordy was it good!
The stall sold so many delicious looking breads and if we'd had a little flat to stay in I'd have definitely got us some for dinner! 

We then got to the Tower of London, I love me some history and walking around and being able to read all about the Tower way back when really appealed to me. The Crown Jewels were so impressive, but I honestly think they're missing out on a real opportunity. I mean how many of you would pay to wear a mock version of the crown? Cause I know I would! To have a picture with a crown on, ah every girls dream. Does anyone know why the Queens Guard is wearing grey? Is it to do with the seasons, just thought they always wore red. 
Since we had yet to check in we decided at this point to head back, not before stopping off though at Shakespeare's Globe for a picture, it would have been so cool to see a play here but Othello didn't start till February and that's the one Gemma and I read together in school! 
After checking in, we decided to just chill out for a couple hours before getting ready to find dinner and to make our way to the Apollo Victoria to see Wicked!!!!!!!! 
Wicked was absolutely amazing, Gemma has seen it twice now. Once in London and once in New York and she plans to see it again in Edinburgh when it tours. I'd gladly pay to see it again, I near enough cried while watching it and I had goosebumps all over me. It gave me chills! The cast were amazing, and just thinking of it makes me smile. 
On the walk home after the show ended we took a slight detour and wandered around Buckingham Palace and then towards Leicester Square and Trafalgar Square. 
After a well needed sleep, we started the new day with sushi. Living the life guys. We followed up our sushi brunch with dessert. Instagram had been a haven for me finding all sorts of amazing looking foods, Yolkin had relocated to somewhere that was kind of on our way that morning so we popped in and both got one of their yummy macaron icecreams! 
They have different flavours every week, the one I tried was Apple Crumble, and boy oh boy was it good! It was absolutely freezing in London, but that didn't stop us wolfing down our ice creams! 
The rest of the day was spent walking from place to place, as we didn't have much time to see everything we'd planned. 
First stop was a little time spent in the British Museum, as lovely as it was, I feel bad saying that its not my favourite museum I've ever been to and I definitely think the Kelvingrove Art Galleries is better. 
The British Museum was followed by a magical trip to Kingscross where we picked out house and snapped a few pictures, I decided to buy the ones we got, and honestly it was definitely for the £20 for 3 prints and digital copies. 
Moving on we found ourselves in Camden and strolled around the Markets for a good while. Gemma bought some bits from the stalls inside and I bought myself yet more food. The Halloumi fries from Oli Baba's were heavenly, I love halloumi cheese, and turning them into fries was the best idea ever. 
We then found ourselves in Chin Chin getting ourselves one of their insanely rich hot chocolates with the torched mallow on top. The mallow tasted like I died and went to heaven, and the hot chocolate was so rich, it was the perfect size and at around £4 I think the value was pretty good too! 
We tried to get into Madame Toussands but unfortunately they weren't open to the public for some reason. Since it was after dinner time we decided to call it quits and walked home via Oxford Street for some shopping. I went a wee bit mad in Selfridges - but I was still v v v restraint. Theres going to be a haul post up soon though from that, so keep an eye out if your interested in what I got! 
When we got back to the hotel, we decided to order pizza to our room. We just chilled out and ate our very yummy pizza whilst watching TV, and then packed our bags as the following day was home time. Boo. 
Final day was an early start and a walk to Buckingham Palace. We saw the changing of the Guard which was cool, went to 10 Downing Street and then took some v touristy pictures with my Instax. As we had to get the bus around 4, we went back to the hotel got a drink and some food. We had an absolute disaster with National Express, our bus came but the driver was so rude and left without us, leaving us in a panic and having to get an Uber. We got to the airport with like 10 mins to spare. V V V stressful. All in all though, London was amazing! I'd go back in a heartbeat - although next time I'll just get the train from the airport. 
I've already got itchy feet and I wanna get my next getaway booked! Who knows where I'll end up going next... 

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