TK Maxx Beauty Buys

Usually when I go into TK Maxx I find nothing, the beauty always lets me down. They always have great pieces but they've been poked and prodded at so much that it is horrifically disgusting and theres no way I'd ever put any of it near my face. 
TK Maxx had a really good makeup section, they had a fair few untouched Too Faced products, I got a couple of the Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks. I got three shades from them: Melted Metallic Bunny; Melted Metallic Dream House & Melted Metallic Tu Tu. They cost like £5.99 each, and honestly I bought them not having a clue how they looked on the lips or anything. Like any rational beauty junkie I bought all the colours they had. Justifiable what with it being super cheap. 
As I was heading to the checkout I spotted this small mask section, and literally rifled through every single mask they had, making myself a fair sized pile of masks. I spotted a bunch of Tony Moly masks, I got all the ones that they had on offer and I'm really excited to see what they do for my skin, also what they smell like - that red wine one intrigues me. 
Last bunch of masks are all a bit random, the little piggy ones look really cool. The 3 step Blackhead mask looks like it could be really good. I dont think any of the masks cost more than £4, so its crazy good value. 

I'm not sure how much of this is available in other stores, but its always cool to know that these things can be there and if you keep your eye out you might be lucky enough to find them. 

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