A weight loss journey of sorts | losing 25lb in 6 months

Ok, so this is going to be a bit of a different post from usual, as its a health and weightloss related one, but I've come along way in a short space and I wanted to share how I've done it with you all! 
2016 saw me put on a fair bit of weight and for the life of my I could not shift it, I did the healthy eating thing - tracked what I ate, cut out snacks ect and although I lost some weight it was only about 3/4 lb. I yo yo'd between 135 and 137lb for about half a year, for reference I'm just a wee thing at 5'2 high, so this weight did make me look a bit on the chunkier side and I just wasn't happy. My confidence was at an all time low and even though I had a boyfriend at the time I just felt like utter shite, I'm really good at hiding how I feel and putting on a front but honest to god I felt worthless, I was all sunshine and daisies on the outside - but on the inside it was a completely different story. 
The picture above is from June just after I started trying to lose weight, I'm by no means huge or anything, but for someone my height it was too big for me. 
When I started back at uni in September, my friend Jennifer, had told me she was doing weight watchers with her mum. To help her along and to see what it was like I joined with her - both making smart choices in and out of university. 
Weight watchers wasn't actually hard to stick to at all, I could still more or less eat whatever I wanted. The weight fell off me though, and every week I was losing at least 1lb. Up until Christmas I was also doing spinfit like once or twice a week. Even without the exercise though I was still shedding some weight. 
The absolute low of my self worth and confidence came when Connor and I broke up, I'd rather not dwell on the past though as, just over two months on though and I am actually glad for it, because I've come so far since then. And I think a lot of it has to do with joining back at pole fitness, changing my diet even more and realising just how far I've come in such a short space of time. In a year I lost at least 8cm from every part of my body, unfortunately I lost 10cm from my bum, and I'd quite like to get that back. Cause who dont want a peachy bum?
Weight watchers is only one of the two big things that I think helped me get to my goal weight - and actually I surpassed my goal, woo - Protein World is the other thing that I strongly and whole heartily believe that helped me out. I started just by using their chocolate slender blend as a meal replacement as I literally never have time for breakfast. I'd much rather an extra 10 mins in bed than a proper meal. After using that for awhile I decided to try a bunch of their other products, and have so far tried (and loved) the chocolate porridge, fat metabolises, carb blocker and recently the vanilla slender blend. I've recently been trying loads of the recipes they have on their site and have fallen in love with so many of them! They are delicious, fairly low calorie, high in protein and brilliantly low in carbs. 
I now go to pole twice a week and I'm trying for the gym for weights and stuff at least twice a week along side pole. My aim now is to try and tone up and gain some muscle, I know my weight will go up a bit as I put on muscle, so as long as I'm happy with what I see in the mirror then the number on the scale wont really matter. I'm also attempting intermittent fasting to see if it can shift some of the stubborn fat thats been hanging on to me. Pole has given me so much confidence its unreal, I've gotten stronger from it too! Sorting my diet and going to the gym is hopefully going to improve my muscle tone and build my strength a bit more. 
This was quite a wordy post, so apologies, but I don't have loads of pictures from my journey and unfortunately I've no up to date ones. Pole ones are the best I can do, if you're interested in pole fitness then be sure to check out my instagram cause I post a fair few videos of it there! I've still a fair bit to go in my wee journey but I've come so far to only think of how far I've left to go. 

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