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Heylo, so todays post is a foody one. I'd been the BRGR in the west end recently, and was craving another one of their amazing burgers. As I was staying in the south side I decided to give the Giffnock branch a go. Not gonna lie, the Giffnock branch wasn't as good as the West End version, but it was still so tasty and I'd definitely go back. 
Inside BRGR the decor is really nice, the wall is designed with a cool graphic of foodie related things, along with the wall its got a nice industrial type feel to it. They've got lights made from big metal milk containers. 
We ordered soooo much food, we both got the double bacon cheese burgers with a side of mac and cheese and poutine. It was all soooo good, David and I both love mac and cheese and BRGR's option is amazing! The burgers themselves are so good too, the West end Branch had a juicier burger I felt, but the Giffnock branch still had an amazing offering too. The burgers came with a wee cardboard holder, they're such a smart idea, makes eating a burger so much easier and cleaner. God bless. 
The price for BRGR is amazing, all in this came to about £20! For high quality burgers at a low price, I'd highly recommend BRGR! 

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