June Goals

Can you believe we're half way through the year already?!? How'd that happen? I thought I'd start doing monthly goal posts, as I find they make a much nicer read that favourites, and you'll always have monthly goals, whereas your favourites might not always change from month to month.
I've had a fairly long break from blogging and I'm definitely going to get back into it properly, but for now  it'll be one or two posts a week till I can ease myself back in. All the uni results for the year are in, I've a lot of studying to over summer, let me be a lesson to you all - study hard in uni and don't leave yourself open to a summer of resits. I've had hem to do every year for the past 4 years tho so why stop now? If anything I'm a consistent failer. 
Anyway, on to my goals for June: 

Since I have exams in August, I'm going to start getting myself organised. There's gonna be not heavy duty studying this month, but little bits here and there just to get me started before the real heavy studying begins in July. 

Get myself to the gym at least twice a week. For awhile there I was very close to doing this, then I was temporarily full time in work so I feel off a bit. Just a small set back, planning to be able to squat and dead lift full sets of my body weight or higher by the end of the month, I'm so close already so I don't see why I wouldn't be able to do this. 

Pay off my debt. So at the end of May I payed my car off in full, so my little baby fiat is 100% mine. Unfortunately my car needed some work done and what with my wage being crap I needed to use my credit card, so June's wage should be good so I'll say good bye to my debt by then. 

Get my hair sorted. This one sounds weird, but I basically ruined my hair big time using the L'Oreal 2 week colour things, basically they never washed out and 4 months later I'm still stuck with a weird green colour in my hair. I then tried to turn the green silver and all that did was make the rest of my hair a weird ginger colour. So basically my hairs taken a battering and I've put off getting it cut for ages because I'm so skint, but needs must so it's time to just bite the bullet I think. 

So there you have it, all my goals for June. They should be easy enough to complete, and since I've said I'm doing them here I must! Need to stay accountable and you beautiful people shall be the ones to keep me on track! 

Till next time! 

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